Breakfast 294g 1,279 kcal

We get up at about 7 o'clock in the morning. Start the stove. It is not an easy deal in a cold tent. That is why we use stoves which run on " white gas " which keeps good inflammability at subzero temperatures. When the stove is on we start melting the snow to get water. If you were smart, you had reserved some hot water in a thermos to start the process of water making.

As soon as the water is hot we make oat meal with milk, butter and some fruit.
A cup of coffee or tea completes the kick start to the system. You still have time to enjoy biscuits and cheese or salami in a warm tent. We have about two hours from wake up to breaking camp and heading off for the day.

Porridge ( oat meal ) 160g 677 kcal
Sugar20g70 kcal
Butter30g220 kcal
Milk powder30g147 kcal
Biscuits / bread50g165 kcal
Tea/Coffee (?)4g

Lunch Pack 340g 2,010 kcal

Almost every two hours we took a break in our skiing routine. During these 15 minutes breaks we would drink and eat sweet and energetic snacks.

Mixed nuts and fruit 110g 715 kcal
Chocolate 150g 825 kcal
Energetic drink 30g 200 kcal
Cheese (50%) 50g 270 kcal

Dinner 394g 2,115 kcal

Dinner is the main meal of the day.

Dry soup 40g 185 kcal
Mushed potatoes/rice 100g 330 kcal
Olive oil 40g 360 kcal
Boil in the Bag Casserole 100g 750 kcal
Biscuit / bread 50g 165 kcal
Butter 30g 220 kcal
Herb tea (bags) 4g -
Sugar 30g 105 kcal
Spices 4g -

Total ration 1,002g 5,404 kcal