The items marked "Ousland" were supplied by Borge Ousland. The rest is essentially personal equipment and it had to be of the very highest quality. There are no shops at the North Pole! If you have a piece of faulty kit then you could be in serious trouble. It was important that everything be tried, tested and trusted in advance of the expedition.

It's a pretty extensive list, especially if you're starting from scratch. For me one of the highlights of the equipment was a 'Psolar' face mask which incorporates a dessicant breathing module that actually heats inhaled air by up to 15 degrees, warming it before it hits the lungs. This significantly adds to comfort as you're not being chilled from within.

Personal Equipment
  • Skis Mountain skis with steel edges. Ousland
  • Bindings, Riva bindings. Ousland
  • Ski poles Mountain ski poles. Ousland
  • Boots Alfa boots.  Ousland
  • Down Booties. To be used in and around the camp. Put woolen innersoles inside.
  • Windproof mittens Should be big and have room for two pairs of woolen mittens inside.
  • Woolen mittens Mother's home knitted or similar.
  • Mittens without long fingers is nice to have in the tent for preparing food etc.
  • Wind jacket (Anorak) Large with good length and hood, Gortex, Microfiber or cotton can be used.
  • Wind pants Same as for the jacket. Pants with suspenders and a high waist are recommended.
  • Down jacket Thick and large, preferably with hood.
  • Down vest Not required, but is fine for cold days when skiing.
  • Fleece jacket Used in the camp or to wear on extra cold days when skiing.
  • Long underwear Two pair. Free choice of your favorite type of underwear, but two sets are required.
  • Inner socks Two pair. Medium thick fleece or wool sock to be used inside the boots. Will dry on the body during the night.
  • Vapor barrier sock Normal plastic shoppingbags or equivalent. Take along 10-15 plastic bags to pull on top of the socks to prevent moisture from reaching the boot.
  • Thick hat Wind proof insulated hat.
  • Thin hat Thinner hat for warmer days.
  • Thin Balaclava Can also be used as a scarf.
  • Facemask.  The very best you can get For protection against cold and wind. Can be purchased on Svalbard
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream Sun Block
  • Lipstick Sun Block
  • Clothes brush To brush off snow and frost in the tent. Shoe brush is good.
  • Sleeping mattress One thick or two regular sleeping mattresses. Ousland
  • Sleeping bag Must be able to work in -40 Celcius . Ousland
  • Spoon Strong type
  • Eating bowl Roomy, plastic is ok.
  • Night bottle Half liter plastic bottle.
  • Cup Insulated cup.
  • Thermos Totally 2 litres . (For hot drinks, unbreakable is recommended.)
  • Hygiene Tooth brush, toiletries etc.
  • Small bags Bring some light kit bags for personal equipment and clothing to keep your sled tidy.
  • Food bag One 60 liter bag for the food. Ousland
  • 5-meter parachute rope For small repair, long shoe laces is also ok.
  • Knife Own choice of Leatherman tool, pocket knife or normal knife.
  • Toilet paper - One roll each
  • Matches A couple of boxes of ordinary matches
Joint Equipment - Ousland
  • Sled
  • Pullingbelt
  • Carabiners
  • Tent with snow mat
  • Snow pegs, 4 per tent
  • Large pot, one per tent
  • Plate for Stove
  • Stove,MSR
  • Shovel, one per tent  
  • Fuel
  • Fuel cans  
  • Funnel  
  • Thermometer Free choice
  • Map Free choice (we are going straight north all the time)
  • GPS - Ousland (bring your own if you wish)
  • Rope 2x10 m  
  • Repair also brought personal items, sewing kit etc.
  • First Aid - Ousland also brought medication etc. for personal use.
  • Gun/Ammunition
  • Signal pistol
  • Emergency transmitter
  • Iridium satellite telephone
Spare Equipment - Ousland
  • Spare ski  
  • Spare ski tip  
  • Spare pump (for stove)  
  • Spare mittens
  • Spare thick wollen socks
Personal options
  • Walkman
  • Camera
  • Film
  • Video Camera
  • Diary
  • Writing utensils, pencil
Food - Ousland

Food below is We will bring food for 9 days. If any of you feel like having extra snacks, bring them if you wish. If anyone has allergies or special needs, please bring your own choice of food.


  • Rolled oats
  • Sugar
  • Milk powder


  • Fruit soup or energy drink for hot water
  • Compressed biscuits rations and/or Flapjack (oatmeal cakes)
  • 100 g milk chocolate per day.
  • Piece of dried meat.


  • Freeze dried dinner-predominantly the stew variety.
  • Instant soup.
  • Everyone should bring a cake (small cake, put in plastic box, tape up) for celebrating at the North Pole.
  • About 850 grams of food per person a day.
Weights per person – basic kit
  • Food 9 kg.
  • Fuel 3 kg.
  • Sleeping bag 3 kg.
  • Sleeping mattress 1 kg.
  • Fleece 1 kg.
  • Down jacket 2 kg.
  • Various clothes 1 kg.
  • ½ tent 2.5 kg.
  • ½ kitchen 1 kg.
  • Sledge 3- 4 kg.
  • Various joint equip. 3 kg.
  • Various personal 2 kg.

Total about. 32 kg.

(Weight decreases by 1 kg/day).